On August 14, a 7.2 earthquake in Haiti’s Southern peninsula resulted in 2,207 deaths, 12,260 injuries, many infected limbs that will end in death; and damage or destruction of 130,000 houses; to date 344 people are still missing. The powerful quake was felt as far North as Cap Haitian and throughout Port au Prince. Two million Haitians are affected over half are children. Please pray for earthquake victims with gangrenous wounds who are refusing medical evacuation out of amputation fear or faith in voodoo.·     59 health facilities affected·    8,324 people displaced in 26 shelters·     Dumarsais Estimé bridge impassable·     Le Sud electric plant shut down
Supply routes to Jeremie are limited to air and sea as a bridge to the city is twisted and the detour is through a river. While the road to Anse a Veau is open, over 100 landslides have isolated surrounding villages by all but helicopter or delivery on foot.

On Saturday when the quake hit, I immediately called Jeremie Mayor Yves Rosé whom we had done a La Bonne Nouvelle episode with earlier this year; and our friend Hubert in Anse a Veau, near the epicenter; we’d also featured him in a recent La Bonne Nouvelle episode, both urgently needed relief for their communities which I coordinated with Love A Child.In addition, Haiti For Christ has given$10,000.00 in cash relief to affected families.

In just 8 weeks, Haiti has suffered a brutal presidential assassination, powerful 7.2 earthquake, and flooding from TS Grace just days after the earthquake when aftershocks forced Haitians to vacate damaged homes and sleep in the open! All this on top of economic inflation caused by Opposition Oligarch gangs’ chokehold on Port au Prince.
The nation is reeling as we cry out to God for mercy.

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