Peter sees Christ walking on the waves, and calls out, “Lord, bid me come.” Jesus bids Peter, “Come.” Matthew14:28,29

Living in Haiti can be like walking on water; it seems terrifying when sinking into a watery grave is considered. The bible text is simple; as Creator God, Jesus Christ exercised power over creation as He walks on Galilee’s sea to His disciples. Omnipotent God reigns; all things are literally under His feet even the raging seas!

For years now, Opposition Oligarchs armed, and commanded 76 militia gangs to terrorize Haiti’s 11 million citizens. They named the terror Peyi Loc or Blocked Nation with the goal to destabilize economically and politically, by crippling businesses, schools, churches, and hospitals. They bought radio and television stations with illicit profits from government contracts that never delivered roads or electricity; they bought Parliamentarians who used their diplomatic immunity to run drugs and weapons trafficking. The end game to unseat President Jovenel who would not accept their kickbacks for lucrative government contracts has failed.

Burning barricades blocking streets, heavy weapons aimed at pedestrians or vehicles, kidnappings that end in murder, rocks thrown from mountains at passing cars, these are some of the attacks we consider before we leave our home; consequently, there are days even weeks when no traffic is heard simply because bought media blares to freeze the population in fear.

Long ago, I learned to pray, “If it is You, Lord, bid me come.” So even though airwaves were shrill with fear mongering the first weekend of February that rioting, burning and looting would overthrow President Jovenel, I heard God say, “Come ahead to Anse a Veau.”; a six hour drive to Southern Haiti on roads usually commandeered by Opposition militias became a “walk on water”!

Yvonne and I loaded our 4×4 with camera equipment and luggage for a long weekend and raced through empty Port au Prince streets, because everyone else was shuttered in their homes, all the way to Anse a Veau without seeing one burning barricade or threat. We filmed for four days the breathtaking seaside village and gracious folks that welcomed us, then we prayed for direction and the Lord said, “Go.” We again traveled on roads empty from fear of riots, but we saw none and made it back in record time none the worse for wear.

Peter’s walk on water demonstrates courageous faith; then as he considers the waves we see his cowardice and doubt, then God’s saving grace to pull him from the sea. Today we rejoice in God’s words of direction breathed into us courageous faith to obey and “walk on water” to Him and seize the days to work and produce another soul saving episode of La Bonne Nouvelle, the Good News for Haitians from Montreal to Martinique and throughout Haiti. Pray for us and give; we are compelled to come and go as He bids and are ever listening for His directions to win Haiti for Christ.

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