Lots of lies circulating social media that the Haitian government hired Colombians to help PNH w kidnapping & then set them up to take the fall for President Jovenel’s assassination.

Dimitri Vorbe an Opposition Oligarch is responsible for financing & commandeering several terror militias in PaP, he is a master of propaganda narrative. I personally researched 93 fake Twitter accounts that he created to spread false narratives aka lies about President Jovenel.

If Vorbe is one of the financiers of the heinous crimes committed against President Jovenel & Premiere Dame Martine on July 7, it is logical that now he is terrified of being exposed by Colombian & Haitian assassins in custody. Yes, these assassins probably don’t know who hired or paid them, but they do know how much they were promised which can b discovered by FBI; and their brutality has turned the thoughts of 11 million outraged Haitians to President Jovenel’s #1 enemy Dimitri Vorbe.

Thus Dimitri must change & confuse minds by twisting facts & divert blame to the Haitian government. Yet the Haitian government has no motive to assassinate President Jovenel; Vorbe does. And Vorbe’s nature is demented enough to order hired assassins to torture the President & First Lady.

So before, you swallow lies birthed in darkness, remember the facts. The Colombian government has verified the assassins were x military; the Haitian government has verified they hired official police officers, not x military. First Lady Martine is healing and grieving; she has released an audio statements, nor have her.

Missionaries in Haiti, often called Satan’s seat, need Holy Spirit discernment more than any other gift. The ability to know by Almighty God’s unction what & who is true and what & who is false. I pray God gives you discernment in this very critical matter.

As I write this, these men, Oligarch Opposition have been summoned to appear before a judge, Dimitri Vorbe, Jean Marie Vorbe, Youri Latortue, Steven Benoit, Reginald Boulos; should they fail to appear, arrest warrants will b issued & filed w Interpol.

Pray for justice.