Saturday August 14 at 8:29AM a 7.2 quake collapsed concrete structures and buried Haitians under broken buildings and walls. Death toll has exceeded 1300 and will continue to rise as young men dig out family and neighbors with their bare hands. 5000 are reported injured at this writing and medical care is limited.
Violent Opposition militias inhibited relief efforts on Saturday by turning back ambulances with 12 victims; they terrorize the only road to Les Cayes, population 125,000, and Jeremie, population 50,000. In addition access to Jeremie after Les Cayes is impossible by vehicle due to landslides and downed bridges following the powerful quake.Planes and boats are the reliable route right now;the road to Les Cayes did open this morning; but there is no guarantee this will last.
At least three (3) hospitals in affected areas are severely damaged; strong aftershocks have sent residents into open fields and streets away from damaged buildings and walls that may fall with subsequent tremors. Emergency relief needs must be purchased locally and include water, tents, blankets, medical supplies and food.
Please give and give generously; we are coordinating with Mayor of Jeremie, Yverose, and our friend Hubert in Anse a Veau to distribute relief as soon as tomorrow.