For days, Port au Prince security alerts warn of militia gunfire in Port au Prince as residents run for their lives. Gang battles drive missionaries and citizens living in PAP enclaves Santos, Clercine, Bon Repos and Shada shelter in their homes and then flee on foot. Displaced persons from these areas are estimated in the 10s of 1000s.

Thousands displaced

For a year now in Martissant, Bolosse and Fontamara over 19,000 Haitians fled as warring militias control un policed residential areas.  Croix des Bouquets, Ganthier and Fond Parisian are already ghost towns as car jackings, kidnappings and shootings rage unchecked.

Security Council refuses troops

Since Haiti’s multiple appeals to UN Security Council for troops to disarm and disband 80 Port au Prince militias was voted down by China and Russia, Haiti’s allies US, Canada and France have poured millions into arming and training the Haitian National Police.

Corruption collapses democracy

However politically aligned corrupt police will not disarm strongmen as destabilization allows the ruling powers to excuse holding democratic elections. Both China and Russia prefer destabilization in Haiti as it is advantageous for them to gain a foothold in Central America just 800 miles South of US shores.

Pray for miracles

Yvonne and I praise God for protection as we safely moved to Haiti’s North. In 2009, retiring missionaries Dr. Hollis and Wanda Clark gave us their home in Cap Haitian. Completely furnished, all we needed was roof and now this home is our refuge to continue serving Christ in Haiti. Giving ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word according to Acts 6:4 consumes our daily lives while we pray for Haiti’s deliverance from slavery to voodoo and the consequences of their rebellion against the Creator. Our proclamation of His saving blood grounded in intercession for spiritually blind eyes and deaf ears to be opened are our cry