The weekend of February 7, Haitian citizens were bombarded with radio, print and television fear mongering by Opposition oligarchs desperate to overthrow President Jovenel Moise. Air waves warned of nationwide riots to bring down the President and the country responded by shuttering businesses, churches, schools, even hospitals. President Jovenel was elected in December of 2016 and inaugurated on February 7, 2017 to a five year term according to Haitian Constitution; but Opposition greedy for fortune associated with executive power demanded he step down one year early on February 7, 2021!

On February 7, 2021 a plot by Lavalas conspirators to overthrow thrice elected President Jovenel was exposed and thwarted when conspirators included Commandant Dimitry Herard of National Palace Security, in their plan. Herard made the National Palace aware of the plot in November; the administration allowed it to culminate on the fourth anniversary of Jovenel’s inauguration with Opposition propaganda jarring the airways with fear.

The plot to coup d’état President Jovenel was reportedly assisted by once American foreign service employee Dan Whitman, a Lavalas supporter who worked in Haiti from 1995 – 2009, now a university professor in the US. Whitman[1] denies any involvement.

Commandant Herard led conspirators to believe that he was part of the coup d’état plan, and then recorded incriminating telephone conversations[2] with Lavalas conspirators, specifically Police National d’Haiti, Inspector General Antoinette Gauthier. The recordings were then presented to now Director General of Police National d’Haiti and President Jovenel Moise; who mounted counter attack, raids, arrests on February 7, 2021

Over twenty (20) coconspirators were imprisoned; thwarting the planned assassination and Lavalas coup d’état “authorities found several weapons and a speech that Supreme Court Judge Yvickel Dabrézil had allegedly prepared if he were to become provisional president. Dabrézil is one of three judges that the opposition favors as a potential transitional president.”[3]

Currently, Lavalas friends in US press Washington Post and Miami Herald are publishing that the coup was “alleged”; US legislators, seven (7), are also in the deep, lobbying pocket of Lavalas demanding Jovenel step down. (For background on Aristide/Lavalas read the Last Testament by Michael Diebert; Aristide was president for two terms; he turned Haiti into the principal narco transshipment point in Central America; and sold Haiti to the Colombian traffickers, instituting gangs by recruiting homeless boys in Cite Soleil.)

Having lived through countless coups, they are the worst moments of terror, anarchy and theft imaginable. This has been a miraculous answer to prayers for peace and protection on President Jovenel and Haiti.