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Senator/The Honorable [Full name] United States Senate/U.S. House of Representatives

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Dear [Senator/Representative] [Last Name]:

My name is [Name], and I am a concerned citizen and supporter of Haitians in Haiti. I implore you to reconsider failed US policy in Haiti where today 12 million Haitians cower in fear as armed militias funded by politicians and oligarchs reign. I pray you support recommendations of the diplomats quoted below.

For weeks now, Haitians have sheltered in place as violent riots closed banks, businesses, hospitals and humanitarian aid. No electricity, fuel, water, communications or food threaten lives, while US appointed Prime Minister Ariel Henry doubles fuel prices and announces his government will cease 500 million in subsidies. He promises these redirected funds will aid the poor who depend on subsidized fuel to transport produce to market and children to school.

Recently OAS Secretary General condemned International Community myopia:

“it is absurd to think that in this context of destruction, the Haitians—left completely alone, polarized, and with very few resources—would be able to rebuild or build the kind of security, deinstitutionalization, and development project that could enable its 12 million inhabitants to once again live in peaceful coexistence: Without resources, in a climate of violence, without technological capabilities, without financial accumulation, without any of that today, they want us to believe a completely endogenous Haitian solution could prosper. This is not so.”

Dominican Republic President Abinadar whose national security is threatened by Haiti’s failed state, makes an acceptable, feasible proposal:

“Since it is impossible to declare a Protectorate in Haiti due to Chapter XII Article 78 of the United Nations Charter, it is necessary to look for different formulas. One that could be applied is the scheme known as “Shared Governance,” or what could also be called “Shared Partnership for Development.” Under this scheme and with a militarily intervened Haiti, a reconstruction process would be carried out. This type of government would share powers between the International Community and Haitians.”…/intervention-and-marshall…/

The majority of Haitians agree robust international intervention is the only solution to the current chaos. Unfortunately, lobbying money and media derived from corruption and terrorism disinforms that no Haitian wants intervention; this is patently false. The well-heeled powers that be in Haitian government and those salivating in the wings for a turn at robbing public coffers, do not represent the will or care of Haitians as evidenced by present and past action.

Please hear the cry of the oppressed and help Haiti.

Prayerfully and respectfully,