In 1987, after the fall of Jean Claude Duvalier, Haiti adopted a new constitution that limited presidential power and added a bicameral Parliament. In the past ten years for two, tourism and agricultural minded presidents, this constitution has proven a hinderance to Haiti’s advancement.

For example, two years ago Taiwan offered Haiti $150,000,000 to build the first hydroelectric dam in a hundred years; meanwhile private electric monopolies twice paid politicians to destroy the Parliament’s furniture to stop the vote and constitutional immunity protected their evil deeds.

Then Parliament refused to authorize their own election sure the president would extend their terms, but their plan backfired and he allowed terms to expire; President Jovenel then ruled by decree. Shortly after which he began the dam which is finished. Now a constitutional referendum that increases the authority of executive and limits Parliament is in the works, but Opposition Oligarchs are raging via their 76 militias; they know it will limit their power to buy Parliamentarians!

Executive and parliamentary elections are scheduled for mid-September; referendum vote should be sometime in mid-August. US Secretary of State Blinken has voiced disapproval of desperately needed referendum as Opposition Oligarchs have generously lobbied Black Caucus and Democrat Congress, even though it is known that Opposition Oligarchs 76 militias are responsible for increased daily kidnapping and terrorism of 11 million poor Haitians, in addition to drug and weapons trafficking!

Daily security warnings of burning barricades blocking routes to N and S; warnings of armed men near the airport; and militias fighting within a mile of our mountain home cripple Haiti in fear. As in all disasters Yvonne and I have endured, we pray and seek direction on when and where to go; we know in the palm of His hand we have protection and provision.