Kidnapped missionaries held for two weeks now as US Embassy negotiates for 16 Americans and 1 Canadian kidnapped October 16, while protestors fed up with insecurity block roads. Recently, UN dubbed Port au Prince world kidnapping capital with 800 Haitians kidnapped this year.

Missionary hostages include 5 children ages 8 months to 15 years and 12 adults in the Anabaptist group from Ohio, one 18 year old. These Christian Aid Ministry workers served an orphanage before their abduction by a violent Port au Prince gang seized them.

Christians worldwide fast and pray for the hostages’ release. Some survivors report inhumane conditions such as food and water once a day and physical abuse.

80 gangs funded by Opposition commandeer kidnappings as gangs control Port au Prince. These same gangs cut off supply routes for two years in an attempted coup d’etat. When their efforts to unseat the President failed, they ordered his assassination July 7. Columbian mercenaries paid to storm his home shot him 18 times and First Lady Martine 8 times. Though she miraculously survived with nerve damaged right arm.

In addition, Opposition trafficking and terrorism money lobbied US media and US Congress. The defamatory media of President Jovenel who won three elections fostered US State Department pressure to include Opposition in Jovenel’s Cabinet.

Though the Embassy advised Americans to leave Haiti, Joel and Yvonne are safe in their home above Port au Prince. They have a solar charged battery system that provides electricity and communications.

Impressed to stay in Haiti, Joel and Yvonne are safe in their home of 46 years.

Thank you for continuing to support Joel and Yvonne with your prayers for peace, protection, your financial gifts for provision.