Jackie Charles, Miami Herald, Haiti opposition propagandist & presidential candidate, Jude Celestin’s rumored mistress, published an article defending Haiti born, accused assassin Samir Handal as innocent. HANDAL was arrested this week by Interpol in Turkey en route to Palestine for his alleged connection to President Jovenel’s assassination. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article255875856.html

No surprise that Jackie Charles, an opposition, Lavalas shill, would rush to Handal’s defense and MiamiHearsay, famous for defaming President Jovenel, would publish Handal family denials and those of his Haitian attorney Sybille Mevs. Never admit guilt is the mantra of every prison inmate, and Samir Handal is no exception, “I’ve been framed; ain’t done nothing wrong but I always get blamed!”

Here in Haiti, 11 million Haitians are crying for justice and not buying Handal’s plea of innocence. It’s unbelievable that Samir Handal just happened to rent a house in Haiti to accused and arrested assassin Dr Sanon; or that he just happened to leave Haiti on 9 Jul 2 days after the assassination; or that he just happened to head to Palestine when Interpol activated Handal’s arrest warrant; and the most incriminating, Jackie Charles, fake news producer extraordinaire, just happened to write extensive denial of Samir’s guilt, including quotes from his family!

Haitians demanding justice nor Interpol are not near as stupid as Samir is allegedly guilty of aiding & abetting the brutal assassination of Haiti’s thrice elected President Jovenel shot 18 times and First Lady Martine shot 8 times by Columbian mercenaries.

Reportedly implicated assassin Prime Minister Ariel Henry, arbitrarily appointed after President Jovenel’s death by US led Core Group, is prepared to further obstruct justice and fire Minister of Foreign Affairs Claude Joseph, the Prime Minister replaced by Ariel, for activating the Interpol arrest warrant that seized Samir Handal. Upon Ariel Henry’s unratified appointment by Core Group’s eight foreign ambassadors, he immediately dismissed Haiti Commissaire de Gouvernment Bedford Claude and Minister of Justice Vincent Rockefeller for summoning him to answer questions about Digicel verified phone calls with assassin trigger man Joseph Felix Badio before and immediately after President Jovenel’s middle of the night assassination.

Haiti Special Envoy Daniel Foote who resigned in protest of the Biden Administration’s treatment of Haitian refugees and US State Department interference in Haiti’s internal affairs has publicly stated that Ariel must answer questions about President Jovenel’s assassination.https://www.cbs.com/shows/cbs-mornings/video/sg9Zry4486pGeEFeJ_xHsndPu9J3kUBA/-face-the-nation-moderator-margaret-brennan-sits-down-with-former-u-s-special-envoy-to-haiti/?fbclid=IwAR18JfY0AXWb7a4IM91nPydIKOdUxwQB2v0Vv7d3CvyHx7cQsbjlJUsBQ8c