To the US mainstream media CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Wapo, NYT, Miami Hearsay, Fox and the US Congress and Black Caucus all lobbied by Opposition Oligarchs filthy money.

President Jovenel was NOT illegitimate, nor was he a corrupt dictator responsible for terrorism in Haiti. Jovenel was a businessman; a wholesale banana farmer and exporter when he was tapped by President Michel Martelly to be a candidate for Haitian presidency in 2015. Jovenel Moise was a self made man; his father was a mechanic and farmer. In 2015 presidential elections, Jovenel won the first round and the second round for president, but the Opposition Oligarchs denied the outcome of the election and forced a third election which Jovenel easily won in 2016. He was then inaugurated on February 7, 2017 to a constitutional FIVE year term which would expire in February 2022. He immediately began to rescind lucrative government contracts to the Opposition Oligarchs because they over charged the Haitian government and then bribed politicians w the proceeds and kick backed large percentages to the president in power.

For example, an oligarch w the electricity contract offered Jovenel $2,000,000.00/month to keep his contracts; Jovenel refused. For road construction, Opposition Oligarchs were getting $2,000,000.00 per mile for a 1/4″ of asphalt and no drainage; Jovenel put the road construction for bid and the Dominicans did it for 1/8 the price, $250,000.00 with thick asphalt, and drainage on both sides! This is why he was so hated; Jovenel was an honest, good man and his goodness threatened wickedness.

As for being a dictator, nothing could be further from truth. The Parliament holds the power and responsibility to pass election law; they refused to vote through their own elections and thus their terms expired b/c they THOUGHT that Jovenel would issue a mandate to extend their terms. The plan backfired when President Jovenel did not extend the terms of Parliament but allowed them to expire and began to rule by decree. This was not his duty or responsibility; it was fully the duty of the Parliament and they shunned it purposely.

Destabilization is the result of 76 militias that terrorize Haitian citizens w kidnapping, murder and block main arteries so fuel, food, medicine, work, school, church and hospital cannot be attended or supplied. Over 10,000 Haitian have fled their homes b/c of the reign of terror by militias who are funded, directed and armed by Opposition Oligarchs. Eleven million Haitians have suffered under the boot of these militias and the Opposition Oligarch since Jovenel was inaugurated, simply b/c they must convince the International Community that President Jovenel is responsible for the terror, when in fact it is Opposition Oligarchs who fund and direct the terror of Haiti to unseat President Jovenel and regain their contracts w a president who can be bought.

On Jul 7 at 1:00AM, twenty hired assassins used heavy weapons and explosives to breach the Presidential residence; they exchanged weapons fire w security for 30 minutes and told them to stand down b/c they were DEA which they were not. When they entered President Jovenel’s home; they brutally tortured him and the First Lady Martine b/c they were ordered to by their employers. Today President Jovenel’s assassination screams of hatred, jealousy and greed manifested in the barbaric death of a beloved President who built more roads, opened more power plants, developed more dams and agricultural irrigation than any Haitian president before him.

If US mainstream media cared for truth or Haitian people they would not defame a righteous, innocent, duly elected President Jovenel with false charges of illegitimacy, corruption, dictatorship and terrorism, when the facts prove Opposition Oligarchs are perpetrators of these atrocities. They would weep and mourn with us who are stunned and grieved by the barbarism that tortured Jovenel and Martine while their children were in their home; and they would laud a national hero who dared to break the back of corruption and develop his beloved Haiti